Saturday, November 13, 2010

How to change language setting back to English?

My language setting in Mozilla Firefox has changed to Chinese in certain places. Its changed right on top left corner and the part where you click to minimise (down the page). How do I change those back to English.

I went to Tools%26gt;Advanced%26gt;General, but I can't see language tab in there..

Please help me.. Im in total need.How to change language setting back to English?
tools/options/content has a language tab on it.

I don't know that it will fix ur issue.How to change language setting back to English?
1.First, click the ';Tools'; menu and pick ';Options';. If you prefer using keyboard shortcuts instead of the menu, you can also do the same thing by pressing Alt+T, releasing the Alt key, and pressing O.

2.Next, click on the ';Content'; tab near the top of the window.

3.Single-click the ';Choose...'; button, in the Languages panel near the bottom right of the dialog box.

4.In the window that appears, click on the ';Select a language to add'; dropdown and go to the language you'd like to add. Click the ';Add'; button. You can reorder the languages by

5.Finally, click the ';OK'; button to close the Languages window, and once more to close the Options window.

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